Welcome to Sripatana machinery Co.,LTD. We produce and repair all kinds of machinery spare parts by lathing, milling, planing, shaping and grinding by our Modern Technologies and skillful specialists. ยินดีต้อนรับสู่โรงกลึงศรีพัฒนาแมชชีเนอรี่จำกัด เราคือผู้ผลิต และ ซ่อม ชิ้นส่วนเครื่องจักรทุกประเภท ด้วยเครื่องจักรที่ทันสมัยและทีมงานผู้เชียวชาญ และได้รับความไว้วางใจจากหลายบริษัทชั้นน้ำมากกว่า 30 ปี

Sripatana Machinery Co., LTD.

Mission, Goal, and objectives.

Sripatana Machinery was established in 1974 with a goal and objectives in order to produce, repair, and protect several grade of high quality products and services for the most suitably appropriate industrial application.

With our quality machineries and skillful specialist team with high experience in lathe industry for more than 30 years. We can ensure that our products and services will be manufactured with accuracy and precision, also met the specific qualification for all machine spare parts.

Scope of work


  We are able to produce spare parts of machine for examples as:
- Power Plant
- Cement Plant
- Ceramic Plant
- Sugar Plant
- Paper Plant
- Steel Plant
- Refinery
- Plastic and Petrochemical
- And so on...

 Installing System and Fabricating

  We are the specialist for the processing of installing system such as:

- Machinery Structure
- Roller
- Water Treatment
- Boiler
- Piping
- And so on...



15/42 Bangkruai-Srainoi Road, Bangkrang, Muang, Nonthaburi, 11000 Thailand.
Tel. 02-903-4682-3, Direct Line:089-108-7955, 089-810-1945. Fax. 02-903-4684. Email: sripatanamac@hotmail.com